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VEML6030X01 Ambient Light Sensor

veml6030x01-partWelcome to Photopia! An ambient light sensor that delivers on the promise of replicating the response of the human eye. Just look at the comparison curve. And, it does it under all different lighting sources. With built-in temperature compensation you can rest easy knowing that no matter how cold or hot it gets on Earth, the sensor will provide the correct lux reading. ‘nough said.

Coming soon….   Contact Vishay to sign up for samples when available.

VEML6030X01 Feature List

  • True photopic performance
  • Single chip response time
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Upper and Lower thresholds
  • Based on Filtron™ technology
  • AEC-Q101 qualified for automotive applications
  • Immunity to fluorescent light flicker
  • Temperature compensation
  • I2C bus interface
  • Voltage range: 1.6V – 3.6V
  • Digital output is in lux
  • VDD range: 2.5V – 3.6V
  • Small surface mount package
  • 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.85 mm

  • Displays
    • Control brightness
  • Automotive
    • Rear View Mirror dimming
    • Interior cabin light control
    • Headlight control
  • Lighting control
  • Toys
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