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The One Thing Burglars Hate

Who isn’t fed up with the grainy images of burglars shown on the nightly news?  Photos that are so poor that even the thief’s own mother couldn’t recognize him. Uniview, one of China’s largest security camera manufacturers, had designed a high resolution security camera with 1080p resolution. Kang Tian saw an opportunity to make a difference.

Problem:. Security cameras use near-infrared light at night to illuminate their field of view. For its high resolution camera, Uniview needed extremely high-power infrared emitters.  And a leading competitor of Vishay’s had the market framed.


Kang’s SolutionWith the introduction of Vishay’s SurfLight™ surface emitters, Kang now had the high-intensity emitter he needed.  But, he still had to get Uniview to try the VSMY7850X01 rather than going the easy route with a cheap competitor.

VSMY7850X01 SurfLight Emitter

VSMY7850X01 SurfLight Emitter

A Vision:  Using the resources of Vishay’s design center, Kang Tian had a demo board quickly built.  With input from Vishay’s application engineers a secondary lens was designed.  He proved the parts were as good…

Into the Light:  …and was able to offer a better price.  HD security cameras are becoming the new standard and, whether in China, the USA, or Europe, this market for SurfLight emitters is growing.


Opto Says:  Kang reminded us that a competitive price was just one of the things we needed to dethrone an entrenched competitor.  We got the message in high definition.

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