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Widebody VOW3120 Optocoupler

VOW3120Vishay’s new family of widebody high-isolation and high-creepage IGBT drivers offers industrial designers a robust, economical, and easy to implement isolation IGBT driver solution for both safety and electrical noise isolation. The VOW3120-X017T provides a high isolation distance, boasting an external creepage > 10 mm between high voltage power circuitry and susceptible low voltage circuits. Additionally, these parts exhibit extreme isolation voltage specifications, with VIOTM of 8000 V, and VIORM of 1414 V. In addition to safety isolation, meeting all major domestic and global electrical safety standards, the VOW3120 IGBT drivers also exhibit high noise isolation capability by their extremely high CMR of 50 kV/μs typical.


VOW3120 Features

  • VIOTM of 8000 V
  • VIORM of 1414 V
  • Creepage and clearance > 10 mm
  • Typical CMR > 50 kV/μs
  • Very low supply current < 2.5 mA
VOW3120 Benefits

  • Complies with high industrial isolation distances and working voltages
  • Isolates industrial power circuits from sensitive controls
  • Provides high performance isolation in a small SMD package
  • Saves system cost against discrete solutions
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