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High-Brightness LED: VLSL12A03-3Q3T-50A

High-Brightness LED Module Simplifies Designs and Manufacturing ProcessesVLSL12A03-3Q3T-50A angle

Optimized for illumination in internal building lighting, street lighting, tunnel lights, industrial lighting, and general lighting applications, the 12 LM80-certified LEDs of the VLSL12A03-3Q3T-50A are serially connected on an aluminum metal-core, single-side PCB measuring 161 mm by 50 mm by 2 mm and featuring a shiny white surface. To allow for a variety of emission patterns, this layout is compatible with LEDiL 2×2 STRADA and High Bay quadruple lenses.

VLSL12A03-3Q3T-50A Benefits

  • Offers 12 LM80-certified LEDs with high luminous
    flux of 4000 lm each
  • Compatible with off-the-shelf LEDiL quadruple lenses
  • Features integrated small thermal sensor and
    fourfold plug-in connector
  • Measures 161 mm by 50 mm by 22 mm
  • Maximum current of 1500 mA
  • Color temperature from 4700 K to 5500 K
  • Power dissipation of 55 W
  • Forward voltage from 33.6 V to 40.8 V
  • Angle of half intensity of ± 60
  • Offers luminous flux binning
  • RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green
  • Provides ESD withstand voltage up to 2 kV in accordance with JESD22-A114-B

  • Building lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Tunnel lights
  • Industrial lighting
  • General lighting
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