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Remote Control Window Sizing Tool

vmn-pr0769-window-sizing-toolA new online tool from the Optoelectronics group is speeding up a time-consuming task for designers of home entertainment systems. Anything that uses a remote control needs a window with precise dimensions to ensure that it can see the infrared signal from the remote. Now Vishay Optoelectronics has eliminated the tedious task of sizing the window — and its inherent potential for errors — with the introduction of a new remote control window sizing tool that automatically calculates optimal window dimensions using only the distance from the optoelectronic component to the outside of the window.

“IR receivers, IR transceivers, and optical sensors all require a window or opening in the cover glass to function in remote control applications,” said Jim Toal, Vishay’s director of regional marketing for optoelectronics in the Americas. “Until now, calculating the size of these windows has meant digging out formulas from application notes and using calculators that support geometric functions such as the tangent of an angle. For designers, our new time-saving tool allows them to easily complete their designs with nothing more than a few mouse clicks.”

To use the remote control window sizing tool, designers simply select their part from the list of IR receivers / transceivers and optical sensors, enter the distance from the window, and click on “calculate.” The optimal window length and width are immediately displayed. In addition, the online calculator provides quick access to datasheets, application notes, and other information on the selected part.

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