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IR Receivers in TVCastSMD Package

TSOP39xxxTR1 and TSOP59xxxTR1 Series IR Receivers in TVCastSMD Package Offer High Remote Control Performance for Flat-Panel TVs and Monitors

Vishay Intertechnology broadens its optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of two new series of miniature infrared (IR) receiver modules for IR remote control applications in flat-panel TVs and monitors. For front mounting in the tight 3 mm frames of these products, Vishay Semiconductors TSOP39xxxTR1 and TSOP59xxxTR1 series devices are the industry’s first to be offered in the TVCastSMD side-view, winged, surface-mount package with an ultra low height of 2.6 mm.

TVCastSMD package is designed to be mounted on a PCB with a side-view orientation, which is then inserted into the frame, allowing for placement near the front of the frame for superior remote control performance

  • Eliminates the need for optical connections via a light pipe to the back of the TV, which reduces the range for the IR receiver
  • Simplify designs with a photodetector, preamplifier circuit, and IR filter in a single 4-pin epoxy package
  • Feature a two-lens design for high sensitivity

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