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Need IrDA Transceivers? Vishay Has Them

Not long ago, IrDA was the primary means of local ad-hoc wireless transmission of data used on mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, and printers. Bluetooth and WiFi have, for the most part, replaced this standard in these high volume products. However, today there are still quite a number of applications that depend on the IrDA standard. Energy meters, healthcare applications where RF use is restricted, and many company-specific data solutions are well served by these infrared transceivers.

Unfortunately for designers of these solutions, IrDA transceivers are becoming harder to find. Quite a number of suppliers have recently discontinued their promotion of these devices. Vishay, however, still promotes a full line of 115 kbit/s IrDA components. Our current customers, as well as those looking to replace discontinued transceivers, can depend on Vishay’s high quality IrDA parts for the foreseeable future. We are here to support your needs.

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