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Leading Edge Consumer Electronics Popular Under the Christmas Tree

ZVEI, the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association, has published the results of a survey on what consumers in Germany are buying for their Christmas gifts. (The article is in German, but Google Translate does a pretty good job if you don’t happen to read that language.)

Almost 40 % of the respondents intend to buy electronics, with smartphones, TVs, and tablets being the most popular items. Audio devices such as wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers are ranked high as well. When it comes to people who plan to buy TVs, it’s notable that about half intend to purchase an Ultra HD or 4K TV. And 12 % of respondents plan to invest in virtual reality headsets. At least in Germany, consumers look to be embracing new technologies.

Here at the OPTO squad, we’re wishing you a happy holiday season which may well be made even more lively with the Vishay proximity sensors, IR receivers, IR emitters and photodetectors being used in many of the aforementioned products

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