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Clock-Beating Touchdown Gives Miners Tie

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The Heilbronn Miners held their first home game against the Weinheim Longhorns in the German Regional Center League before a capacity crowd in the Frankenstadion Heilbronn on May 20, 2017.

On their third drive of the game, Miners quarterback Brian Rushing connected to wide receiver Sven Brosi on a 33-yard pass for the only score of the first half, putting them up 7-0. The Longhorns came charging out of the halftime break with a 12-yard pass, but missed the extra point to make the score 7-6. The Longhorns scored again early in the fourth quarter with a 35-yard pass, catching the Miners defense chipping away at salt instead of guarding the receivers. With a dive off the left guard by the Longhorns quarterback, the two-point conversion was good, putting the Longhorns up 14-7. With seconds remaining and the ball on the Longhorns’ one yard line, the Miners needed three attempts to wrangle their way through the Longhorns defense with a play-action pass to tight end Torsten Kledzinski. Deciding to play it safe, the Miners kicked an extra point and the game ended with a 14-14 draw. Fans retired to the local beer garden to drink large steins of beer.

And yes, we are talking football here, American football being played in Germany.  Roger Goodell is smiling as his plan of bringing American football to Europe is working, at least in Heilbronn. And look, what is that logo on the Miners helmet? Yes, it’s the Vishay logo. The Vishay Optoelectronics group is a proud sponsor of the Heilbronn Miners!


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