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Sensor Expo 2018 – Time To Turn Those Bright Ideas Into Stellar Products

Evaluation kits helped demonstrate the VCNL4200 long-range presence sensor and VCNL4035X01 gesture sensor

To demonstrate the VCNL4200, our hardware designers rigged the presence sensor to a camera and monitor.  When visitors came within about 2 meters, the VCNL4200 would sense their presence and turn on the camera and monitor.  It showed the great range of the sensor, fast response time, and how an interrupt can be used to trigger an action.  It worked flawlessly for two and a half days, as expected.  This got some visitors thinking about long-range presence sensing.  While not based on time-of-flight, the sensor has great range and that range doesn’t change whether in direct sunlight or interior lighting.  A big benefit over TOF.

Right next to the VCNL4200 was the VCNL4035X01 gesture sensor.  A left swipe, right swipe, moving a hand toward and away from the sensor were demonstrated. The sensor board has a bank of LEDs to indicate the type of gesture being sensed.  The –X01 in the part number indicates the sensor is automotive qualified which is a good thing because it has been adopted by a leading luxury automotive manufacturer. Gesture sensors in automotive passenger compartments are more than just a bell and whistle. They’re a matter of life and death. It’s not just smartphones that lead to distracted driving. Fiddling with any kind of dashboard control can cause a loss of attention with disastrous consequences. Gesture sensors are available now mainly in high end cars, but they should really be in every automobile, since you can’t put a price on motorist safety.

Semplus, our guest technology company at this year’s expo, showed how a multi-touch pressure sensor solves the needs of a 3D enhanced user experience across today’s touch interfaces in automotive, mobile, gaming, virtual reality and desktop.  Any surface can be converted into a multi-touch interface where the pressure of each finger or touch can be measured and response tailored to it.

To play with a long-range proximity sensor or gesture sensor, we have evaluation kits for you. Get the kit

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