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The Evolution of Automotive Transmissive Sensors

Every once in a while, you have to toot your own horn.  In that spirit, Vishay Opto is the world’s leading supplier of slotted interrupters (transmissive sensors, photo interrupters) with nearly 25% of the world’s market according IHS Markit.  This doesn’t happen just by chance.  We have put decades into designing, developing, and manufacturing the best sensors on the market.  And we are not done yet.  This year we introduced a three-channel (TCUT1630X01) and four-channel sensor (TCUT1800X01) for turn & push applications and for absolute encoding driven by the demands of the automotive market for performance at higher temperatures.  Read more in the ‘The Evolution of Automotive Transmissive Sensors’ as appeared in BIS Infotech ep-India Special Issue, September 2018 .


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