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Hydrophilic-Another UVA LED Application

Picking up where we left off a few posts ago regarding UV activated nano-crystalline titanium dioxide, it has another interesting property.  It’s superhydrophilic.

A regular glass surface which has been cleaned and coated with a hydrophobic solution will result in dirt and water clinging to the glass.  As water beads, they will form spots.

Glass coated with a hydrophilic solution will be smoother and more resistant to spotting. Ratherthan forming beads, water will spread across the glass.  It will evaporate quicker and the windowwill stay cleaner with fewer spots. 


All in all these effects reveal a couple of interesting fields of application:

  • Cleaning support à Easy to Clean Effect
    • flushing off dirt particles, laminar draining of water without residues
  • Self Cleaning Effect
    • decomposition of dirt particles touching surface, by reduction and oxidation processes
  • Antimicrobial, without use of chemical agents
  • Reducing flow resistance of water
  • Anti-fog coatings
  • Cleaning of gases and liquids

Vishay has a complete line of UV LEDs.  Take a look by clicking the link.


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