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Looking to evaluate one of our light-to-digital optical sensors for a proof of concept?  Or need an evaluation kit for early product development? SensorXplorer was created for just this purpose. … Continue reading

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The VCNL4200 and Whack-A-Mole

The VCNL4200 digital proximity sensor is used in Vishay Opto’s Whack-A-Mole for wake-up and hammer sensing.

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Extension of Application TCUT1800X01 – Detecting more than just 16 rotary encoding positions.

The TCUT1800X01, Vishay opto’s 4 channel optical transmissive sensor, is a unique part in that it allows the encoding of 2^4= 16 absolute positions. This makes it perfect for many … Continue reading

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Revised Burst Lengths and Gap Times for IR Receiver Modules for Remote Control Systems

Corrected datasheets are now available for the TSOP11…, TSOP12…, TSOP13…, TSOP14… and TSOP18… Series IR receiver modules. Updates include revised burst lengths and gap times as per the following table: … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day

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New Vishay Intertechnology 2.5 A IGBT and MOSFET Driver Delivers Increased Efficiency for Inverter Stages

Device Features High Peak Output Current of 2.5 A for Motor Drives, Alternative Energy, and Other High Voltage Applications MALVERN, Pa. — Feb. 4, 2019 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today broadened … Continue reading

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Watch and learn how our new 800V SOP-4 PhotoTRIACs offer superior and economic isolated AC power switching

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Infrared – In Song

A strong candidate for our song of the year for 2019. 

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Applications Engineer Gives Lowdown on SensorXplorer

Sensors have often been described as the tip-of-the-spear in the IoT market.  Optical sensors may need to be able to see light, recognize colors, discern gestures, or detect presence. In … Continue reading

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AGC6 for Smartphone IR Proximity Interference

Vishay is the world’s leading supplier of IR receivers for remote control and presence sensing.  We offer the most sensitive receivers which translates to the longest transmission range and we … Continue reading

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Hydrophilic-Another UVA LED Application

Picking up where we left off a few posts ago regarding UV activated nano-crystalline titanium dioxide, it has another interesting property.  It’s superhydrophilic. A regular glass surface which has been … Continue reading

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Thermal Models for Optocouplers

Thermal behavior of your Optocoupler is a key to optimal design There are three methods to manage thermal energies when designing in an optocoupler:  a thermal derating number, a derating … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Automotive Transmissive Sensors

Every once in a while, you have to toot your own horn.  In that spirit, Vishay Opto is the world’s leading supplier of slotted interrupters (transmissive sensors, photo interrupters) with nearly … Continue reading

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PhotoTRIACs – What are they and what are they good for?

Phototriacs are solid-state AC switches whichconsist of an infrared emitter on the input and two thyristors, connected to a TRIAC, on the output. The light emitted from the infrared emitter triggers … Continue reading

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Three Key Parameters Influencing Photodiode Switching Speed

The switching speed of a photodiode is often a key parameter that defines the response time of an overall system. You will always find the switching speed or rise and … Continue reading

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Sensor Expo 2018 – Time To Turn Those Bright Ideas Into Stellar Products

Evaluation kits helped demonstrate the VCNL4200 long-range presence sensor and VCNL4035X01 gesture sensor To demonstrate the VCNL4200, our hardware designers rigged the presence sensor to a camera and monitor.  When … Continue reading

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VIDEO: TSOP1 Series of IR Receivers for Improved Sensitivity, Noise Suppression, and Pulse-Width Accuracy

Next-generation miniature IR Receivers  for IR remote control in televisions, set-top boxes, audio and video systems, air conditioners, cameras, video games, and more.  

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Vishay’s First Automotive Grade Phototransistor Optocoupler

VOMA617A ~ New AEC-Q101 Qualified Device With 5 mA Forward Current Comes in SOP-4 Mini-Flat Package Vishay Intertechnology launches its first Automotive Grade phototransistor optocoupler, the VOMA617A. The new device combines … Continue reading

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High Speed PIN Photodiode Offers Enhanced Sensitivity for Visible Light

VEMD8080  Delivers Precise Signal Detection in 4.8 mm by 2.5 mm SMD Package with Industry-Low 0.48 mm Profile Featuring fast switching times and low capacitance of 47 pF for precise … Continue reading

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Proximity Sensors Capabilities and Custom Options

Check out the capabilities and custom options of Vishay’s proximity sensors.  And don’t be shy, if you would like to see a sensor that does “xyz”, let us know in … Continue reading

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VIDEO: AEC-Q101 Automotive Grade Coupler

VOMA617A, automotive AEC-Q101 qualified phototransistor optocoupler in SOP-4 mini-flat package for 30 % PCB space savings over DIP-4 package. watch the video

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LED and Display Product Overview

Vishay offers LEDs in all colors, surface mount and through-hole packages, high and standard power, wide and narrow viewing angles, and automotive qualified.  Extending this portfolio, we  also offers seven-segment … Continue reading

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OPTO Squad at 2018 Sensors EXPO

Vishay at Sensors EXPO ~ booth 435 June 27-28 McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California Here is a sneak peek at what the OPTO Squad has lined-up for you … Continue reading

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Video: TCUT1630X01 for Turn and Push Applications

Check out Vishay’s new TCUT1630X01 transmissive optical sensor and learn why this 3-channel slotted interrupter is idea for turn and push applications see for yourself

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Optical Isolator for I2C Bus System – APPNOTE

INTRODUCTION The I2C bus, also known as inter-IC bus, is a bidirectional, two-wire, multi-user bus, as shown in Fig. 1. It was developed by Philips Semiconductors (1) to connect micro … Continue reading

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