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New IR Receiver Overview Brochure now available.

Vishay is the world’s leading supplier of infrared (IR) receivers. No other supplier offers a similar breadth of products, holders, application and technical support, and overall knowledge of IR communication. … Continue reading

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The VCNL4200 and Whack-A-Mole

The VCNL4200 digital proximity sensor is used in Vishay Opto’s Whack-A-Mole for wake-up and hammer sensing.

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Extension of Application TCUT1800X01 – Detecting more than just 16 rotary encoding positions.

The TCUT1800X01, Vishay opto’s 4 channel optical transmissive sensor, is a unique part in that it allows the encoding of 2^4= 16 absolute positions. This makes it perfect for many … Continue reading

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Revised Burst Lengths and Gap Times for IR Receiver Modules for Remote Control Systems

Corrected datasheets are now available for the TSOP11…, TSOP12…, TSOP13…, TSOP14… and TSOP18… Series IR receiver modules. Updates include revised burst lengths and gap times as per the following table: … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day

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Applications Engineer Gives Lowdown on SensorXplorer

Sensors have often been described as the tip-of-the-spear in the IoT market.  Optical sensors may need to be able to see light, recognize colors, discern gestures, or detect presence. In … Continue reading

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AGC6 for Smartphone IR Proximity Interference

Vishay is the world’s leading supplier of IR receivers for remote control and presence sensing.  We offer the most sensitive receivers which translates to the longest transmission range and we … Continue reading

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Hydrophilic-Another UVA LED Application

Picking up where we left off a few posts ago regarding UV activated nano-crystalline titanium dioxide, it has another interesting property.  It’s superhydrophilic. A regular glass surface which has been … Continue reading

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Thermal Models for Optocouplers

Thermal behavior of your Optocoupler is a key to optimal design There are three methods to manage thermal energies when designing in an optocoupler:  a thermal derating number, a derating … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Automotive Transmissive Sensors

Every once in a while, you have to toot your own horn.  In that spirit, Vishay Opto is the world’s leading supplier of slotted interrupters (transmissive sensors, photo interrupters) with nearly … Continue reading

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