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We are designing some OPTO coasters and need your expert eye (and subjective opinion). Round or Square?  vote below  

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Remote Control Window Sizing Tool

A new online tool from the Optoelectronics group is speeding up a time-consuming task for designers of home entertainment systems. Anything that uses a remote control needs a window with precise … Continue reading

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Robot Battles (or… this is what happens when German engineers have spare time in the lab)

In the Vishay, Heilbronn Germany, Opto lab they decided to have a bit of fun with Vishay components.  These little guys have LEDS and IREDs as weapons (and one has a IREDs nose).  … Continue reading

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Adafruit creates nifty 3rd-party board for VEML6070

Adafruit creates small PCB board using Vishay’s VEML6070 for a quick and simple way to add UV light sensing to any microcontroller project.  They also provide a nice library of design documents; pinouts, … Continue reading

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Hockey Player-Tracking Technology

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Accurate Control of Indoor White LED Light Scenarios

While the brightness and color effect must be specified and implemented at the time of installation of conventional light sources, the arrival of white LEDs for indoor use presents the … Continue reading

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Because who doesn’t like kittens!

We recently posted an article about a “magic” cat doorbell.  This doorbell was created for Leonie the cat.  Turns out that Leonie, who is 3 years old, had kittens 3 … Continue reading

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The Science Behind Activity Trackers

Today, being physically fit has become a way of life for many. Eating healthy foods, sleeping seven to eight hours a night, and exercising daily are the basic building blocks. … Continue reading

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“Magic” Cat Doorbell

Creating a “Magic” Cat Doorbell with the TSSP4P38 Proximity Sensor By Andreas Freiherr Leonie and her family live in a building with seven other families. Like many cats, Leonie loves … Continue reading

May 16, 2016 · 3 Comments

Hairy Tarantulas and Display Technology

Poecilotheria metallica-Wikipedia February 2016 Here is something fascinating, or perhaps fascinatingly terrifying — depending on your level of arachnophobia. We ran across this article on tarantulas and how their unique … Continue reading

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Optical Sensors Application Notes

Sure, we’ve released some very cool optical sensor products over the past several months but I hear you asking yourself…  how and where do I use these bad-boys?  And no, we … Continue reading

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Make Dumb Appliances Smart with Opto-Isolation

    Even the humble coffee maker now has sophisticated microprocessor-based power control features. This requires the control of AC power using sensitive digital devices on the same board. Vishay’s … Continue reading

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We won what???? Sweet…

You were probably busy with holiday fun when this came out in December.  So here is a re-cap. YAY!!!!  VLD.1235.. series of super red, red, amber, and yellow ultra-bright LEDs in … Continue reading

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Part 4, the Final Episode of “A Brief History and Evolution of Automotive Transmissive Sensors”

The Fully Evolved TCUT1800X01 The TCUT1800X01 is a 4-channel transmissive sensor designed for incremental and absolute encoder applications. The sensor combines two infrared emitters with four detector channels in a … Continue reading

November 11, 2015 · Leave a comment

Part 3 of “A Brief History and Evolution of Automotive Transmissive Sensors”

The TCPT- and TCUT1600X01 Period Imagine the lowly knob on your dashboard which controls the radio volume or the menu of your control display. It is an appendage that commands … Continue reading

November 9, 2015 · Leave a comment

Part 2 of “A Brief History and Evolution of Automotive Transmissive Sensors”

The TCPT- and TCUT1300X01 Period Automotive customers needed a transmissive sensor that could operate at higher temperatures and was qualified to AEC-Q101 standards. The molding compound of the emitter and … Continue reading

November 6, 2015 · Leave a comment

Part 1 of “A Brief History and Evolution of Automotive Transmissive Sensors”

The Pre-Triassic Period At the dawn of the present era, transmissive sensors in automotive systems took the form of an emitter-detector pair in through-hole packaging that was wave-soldered to a … Continue reading

November 4, 2015 · 1 Comment

Dark Side of the Moon

Hopefully you had the time, and clear skies, to watch the lunar eclipse that occurred this past Sunday night. The moon was at its perigee, the point in the orbit … Continue reading

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Pulse Oximetry – Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Pulse Oximetry – Near Infrared Spectroscopy I recently received an e-mail from Owlet Baby Care saying that they were introducing a pulse oximeter for the infant market.  The device will … Continue reading

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The One Thing Burglars Hate

Who isn’t fed up with the grainy images of burglars shown on the nightly news?  Photos that are so poor that even the thief’s own mother couldn’t recognize him. Uniview, … Continue reading

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Opto and Automotive

Twenty years ago I worked for a flexible circuit manufacturer supplying to automotive instrument panel manufacturers.  At that time, these manufacturers were wary of LED lighting. The tried and true … Continue reading

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Evolving to Automotive Grade

Evolving to Automotive Grade First there was an emitter-detector pair in through-hole packaging that was wave soldered to a printed circuit board. The emitter and detector were facing each other … Continue reading

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To Be Anonymous, Wear A Big Hat

The use of security cameras has increased.   Most of these cameras are on a 24-hour or 72-hour recording loop, recording and recording over, ad infinitum.  Only when something of interest … Continue reading

June 26, 2015 · 1 Comment

Angle of Half Intensity

Think back to the time you were last walking in the dark using a flashlight—or torch, if you happened to prefer British English. As you aimed the light forward, the … Continue reading

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Gesture – Hit or Miss

Gesture – The Panacea To All Things Touch? If you have watched TV recently, you’ll have seen the Samsung commercial with the single, 30-ish, white guy sitting in his living … Continue reading

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