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VEML6040 RGB Sensor

On a single chip, the VEML6040 measures the intensity of the red, green, and blue content of the ambient light allowing for calculation of the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) measured … Continue reading

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The VCNL4040 like the VCNL4020 and VCNL4010 includes an infrared emitter, photodiode for proximity, an ambient light photodiode and signal processing IC all on a single CMOS chip. What is … Continue reading

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VEML6070 UVA Sensor

VEML6070 is an advanced ultraviolet (UVA) light sensor with I2C protocol interface. VEML6070 incorporates a photodiode, amplifiers, and analog and digital circuits into a single chip. VEML6070’s adoption of Filtron™ … Continue reading

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Opto and Automotive

Twenty years ago I worked for a flexible circuit manufacturer supplying to automotive instrument panel manufacturers.  At that time, these manufacturers were wary of LED lighting. The tried and true … Continue reading

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Evolving to Automotive Grade

Evolving to Automotive Grade First there was an emitter-detector pair in through-hole packaging that was wave soldered to a printed circuit board. The emitter and detector were facing each other … Continue reading

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VEML6030X01 Ambient Light Sensor

Welcome to Photopia! An ambient light sensor that delivers on the promise of replicating the response of the human eye. Just look at the comparison curve. And, it does it … Continue reading

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Gesture – Hit or Miss

Gesture – The Panacea To All Things Touch? If you have watched TV recently, you’ll have seen the Samsung commercial with the single, 30-ish, white guy sitting in his living … Continue reading

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Smartphone / Tablet Remote Control

“At first glance, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 doesn’t seem to fit its $199 price tag. The price of the tablet, which is slated to be released on July 7, is … Continue reading

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Get Off Your Pedestal

A 3-in-1 optical sensor typically refers to a sensor that integrates an infrared emitter, proximity sensing photodiode, ambient light sensor (ALS), a signal processing IC and standard I2C interface.  Vishay’s … Continue reading

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